MBA Community –

The online store to purchase Madison Basketball 2023/24 season apparel will open soon. Stand by for additional information. 

Our organization is again partnering with Alfred’s Sport Shop in Madison for the sale of MBA apparel.

The initial window for the online store will run until Sunday November 28, 2021. Due to the significant supply chain issues there is no guarantee that orders will be in by Christmas, but Alfred’s will attempt to meet that deadline.  Please understand that supply chain issues are beyond Alfred’s control.  We will open a second window for the store with the same items on November 29, 2021 and those items will be delivered sometime after the holidays.

 Travel players are encouraged to use this initial window for the purchase of the “shooting shirt,” which is to be worn over your uniform at games.  The shirt options are in the “Strongly Encouraged” section of the online store and can be monogramed for an additional $5.  If you have your shirt from last year, no need to purchase again.  Those in 4th grade should consider ordering. 

 Questions about sizes, etc. can be answered by Alfred’s.  Ask for Frank or Steve at 973-377-0051.

 Remember, your purchases help support our program!  Thanks for the support

 The MBA